About Us

I (Miranda Kellison) was born in Summersville West Virginia and moved to Maryland when an infant.  Our family moved about every year or two as my Iron worker father followed work between Maryland and Pennsylvania.  In 1986 we moved to Partlow, VA with relatives who were working at Virginia Power and my father found work there.  After a few short months, my parents found a home in Mineral closer to the plant.  At last, the constant moving was over and we put down roots.  After graduating in 1996 I moved to Charlottesville to work at UVA, then moved to Richmond, followed by a move to Fredericksburg.  In 2005, I finally came to my senses and moved back home to Louisa county where I am determined to live out the rest of my life.

My husband was raised in West Virginia and in 1998 moved to Louisa to work with his older brother in the construction trade.  We met at a mutual friend’s home in late 2004, and were married and had our son Parker in 2006. We blended our family with my daughter Jamie, now 19, and his son Shayne, now 21. We are now living in a home built by Loudin Builders and constructed by the hands of many of our neighbors.  We attend Mineral Baptist Church and participate in the Children’s Ministries, including Upward Basketball.  Louisa Lion football games is a favorite pastime and are often moved by the incredible spirit and pride that comes from Louisa County Public Schools.

We were a one income family for many years but as the cost of living was rapidly rising, I had to trade in my stay-at-home mom status and seek part-time work.   Strat and Heather Slater had received a resume from me at the Goochland location and sent it to Sal and Ashton Luciano, the original owners of the Louisa franchise.  Working part time only, I was given the opportunity to buy the business as Ashton and Sal prepared for their next adventure in a different area of the state.  I consider it an honor to be a part of the small business network that provides a solid foundation for commerce and growth in the community I love.  My greatest pleasure is chatting with my customers and getting to know them.   It is a privilege to offer service with a smile and to support my community as a good steward of all these blessings.